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This article examines the need and the requirements for the use of X-ray testing systems to test X-ray operators continually throughout their employment ...
IEDs don’t generally comprise sticks of dynamite and an alarm clock (stereotypical bombs are virtually nonexistent), but often utilise plastic explosives which can be moulded into an unlimited number of innocuous/ambiguous shapes and objects
Following the attempted bombing of Northwest Airlines Flight 253 on Christmas day, 2009, many airports around the world are planning to implement full body scanners as part of their security checks.
The best service you can provide is SECURITY. But in a modern airport environment, security should be provided in a way that is reassuring and non-threatening to passengers. How can an effective balance between security and customer service be achieved?
An X-ray screener at Birmingham Airport in the UK is secretly filmed reading a newspaper ... Investigators successfully smuggle 75 % of the fake bombs through Los Angeles Airport in the U.S. ...
It’s important to bear in mind that although airport x-ray machines may look very sophisticated, they are essentially just IMAGING SYSTEMS, and NOT automated weapons and explosives detectors. The effectiveness of the x-ray screening depends on the performance of PERSONNEL operating the equipment.
It is vital that you understand, the limitations, as well as advantages, of X-ray as a security tool, in order to minimise possible problems and allow you to overcome them - Varieties of Threats and Effects of Viewpoint - Positioning of bags - Spacing of Bags - X-Ray Opaque Areas - Clutter - Electrical Items - Out of Gauge Bags - etc ...

Aviation security staff have to be well-trained and highly proficient in their work. Computer-based training (CBT) programmes have become a vital component of the training process
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